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Blue Waltti-travel card discontinued in regional traffic as of 6 June 2021

Starting from 7 June 2021

Lines 20 – 40 and in airport traffic – Waltti ticket products will cease to be used and Matkahuolto ticket products will be used instead.
Lines 1 – 15 and Pikku-Pete will continue to use Waltti travel card. Please use up the ticket products downloaded on the regional
travel card until 6 June 2021.

The regional travel card can no longer be used in any traffic starting from 7 June 2021. The sale of new regional travel cards ends on May 9, 2021. At the same
time, the possibility to download season tickets and Kela tickets to the regional travel card will also expire.
The value downloaded on the personal travel card and non-started season tickets can be returned in cash to the customer at Kajaani Info until 31 August 2021. A handling fee (€ 8.00) is charged for the refund. Initiated Kela tickets or season tickets will not be refunded. You can check the value downloaded to your travel card on a Waltti card reader.


The new Matkahuolto ticket products will go on sale at the beginning of June 2021 and can be purchased from Kajaani Matkahuolto or Matkahuolto’s online service. The new ticket products to be introduced as of June 7, 2021 will cover single tickets, 30-day season tickets, former value tickets, which will replace 44-trip series tickets and Kela tickets will remain the same. Eligible discount ticket groups include students, seniors, and military and civilian servicemen.
Traffic will continue as before at the main routes Kajaani-Sotkamo-Kuhmo, Kajaani-Paltamo-Puolanka, Kajaani-Suomussalmi-Kuusamo
and Kuhmo-Nurmes. Line numbers will be phased out and ticket prices will decrease.


For more information on new tickets, prices and schedules:

You can also find more information about ticket products in the operators’ timetable book, to be published in May.